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Gadoufaoua Central Niger in is mid-Cretaceous (Aptian) in age consists of rivers and tall forests. The majority of dinosaur finds have come from the region of Gadoufaoua. The most common dinosaur is the sauropod Nigersaurus taqueti. Nigersaurus a basal member of the diplodocids was a small sauropod around 50 feet long, with numerous small teeth a total of about 600 in all amounting to a dental battery. The broad, squared-off snout is rare among sauropods. Nigersaurus is found together with Ouranosaurus, Lurdusaurus and Suchomimus.
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Nigersaurus was a common middle size sauropod. It developed complex set of teeth for processing food like contempoary hadrosaur and ceratopsian dinosaurs. In Gondwana sauropods evolved to fill the roles of Laurasian ornithiscians.

Procon Nigersaurus the original green and the striped version.

Rugops 30 feet long was one of the first abelisauroids to demonstrate the characteristic textured outer skull surface. The skull bore armour or scales and bears two rows of seven holes each that may have anchored some kind of crest or horns.

Wild Safari Nigersaurus, Rugops and Sarcosuchus from Procon .

Nigersaurus was a plant-eater that had an unusual mouth "shaped like the wide intake slot of a vacuum" that took in food and chewed it with over a hundred very small, sharp teeth.

create the distinctive shovel jaws and high spines of Nigersaurus.

Various hollow vinyl sauropods. The front figure has been customized with Mike Evans Wonder Putty to create the distinctive shovel jaws and high spines of Nigersaurus.



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