Late Cretaceous Cenomanian

Echkar Formation Niger

The ecology must have been wet and the fauna has affinities with other Gondwanan locals in South America and North Africa. The large carnivores were carchardontosaurs. The medium carnivores abelisaurs and a large semiterrestrial crocodilian. There is a very diverse range of crocodyliformes filling medum to small carnivore niches. The large and medium herbivores are rebbachisaurids and titanosaurs. Ornithscians are medium to small herbivores.

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Kaprosuchus Wild Safari

Kaprosuchus where estimated to have been around 20 feet in length. It possesses three sets of tusk-like teeth that project above and below the skull, one of which in the lower jaw fits into notches in upper jaw. Primarily if not exclusively terrestrial predator.

Rugops CollectA Popular Rugops (meaning "wrinkle face"), an abelisaur estimated to have been about 6 metres 20 ft long based on comparisons with its relatives. The skull bore armour or scales, and two rows of seven holes each.

JP 3 Coca Cola Spinosaurus Sega Dinosaur King CarchardontosaurusCarcharodontosaurus among the largest known predatory dinosaurs at 39-43.5 ft long. it filled the role of its relative Allosaurus in the Late Jurassic.

Wild Safari Carchdontosaurus,  Suchomimus, Nigersaurus