Late Cretaceous Cenomanian

Bahariya Formation Egypt

Spinosaurs had widely spaced teeth in seperate sockets like crocodyliformes. So unlike other theropods they may have been lipless with the teeth exposed. The Early Creataceous spinosaurs were semiaquatic like hippos with no obvious adaptations for swimming until Spinosaurus. They shared ancestory with the Jurassic meglasaurs.

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The mangrove environment would have favored fish eaters like spinosaurs and crocodyliformes. River systems were home to swordfish, giant lung fish and coelacanths. Crocodyliformes are diverse and common.

Brandon DeMoss resin Spinosaurus

The croc-snouted spinosaurs, apparently adapted to catch fish as part of of their diet. The claws on the arms could have been used to process the giant fish into sizes that it could swallow.

Wild Safari Spinosaurus Spinosaurus had shortened back legs for swimming that would have made the bipedal posture typical of theropods unlikely. The forelimbs had giant claws and the palms were pointed inward so it may have moved like mordern sloths and ant eaters using the edges of the fore arms and claws.

Colorata Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus had been reconstructed from incomplete remains but the long back vertebrae are now known to support a tall sail not a hump.

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The National Geographic Spinosaurus reconstruction popularized by the art work ofDavide Bonadonna.  The controversial 2014 reconstruction, based new fossils, has made all previous dated and archaic. The front claws are large gaff hooks. Since other theropods could not rotate the forearm so the palm faced the ground it could have rested the for limbs on the ground. The short back legs may not have preculed a bipedal stance.

Popular Spinosaurus

The environment inhabited by Spinosaurus was diverse covering a great deal of what is now northern Africa. It included the Mangrove forests of the Bahariya formation with brackish water and further west giant Amazon and Nile size river systems that that threaded bare deserts.