Safari Ltd

The Safari Ltd expanded its relations with prominent museums adding the Field in Chicago.

The Safari Sue collection

The pride of the Field Museum is the the largest Tyrannosaurus skeleton to date call Sue after an employee of the Black Hills institute that discovered and excavated the fossil.

There are two versions of the T rex Sue and Anatotitan and Torosaurus.  Both the smaller scale about 1/100 and the choice of figures appears to be designed to minimize completion with the flagship Carnegie line.  Coincidently both Anatotitan and Torosaurus were cast in the Walking with Dinosaurs documentary. Not in production. See Sue Dinosaur Toob.












Mini Carnegie / Authentics Habitat Collection

At about 2" to 4" long and about 2" to 3" tall they  little bit bigger than most mini dinosaurs.  They were released in 3 sets.  The scale is mixed so that several of the smaller creatures like Protoceratops, Dimetrodon, Dilophosaurus and Euoplocephalus can be used comfortably with the Wild Safari figures.  Reproduce in rubber as erasures and in solid plastic they have also been knocked off by low end companies.  There is a partial set of knock offs from China that show up.  They are usually not as well finished as the actual Safari ltd products.Out of production but see Safari Dino toob for compatable. Forest Rogers of the Carngie line and Dan Luros of the Battat series were the sculptors.

Set 1: Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus and T-Rex





Set 2 : Dilophosaurus, Styracosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Velociraptor, Protoceratops and Dimetrodon





Set 3: Spinosaurus, Allosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Pteranodon, Iguanodon and Diplodocus





Missing Links

Prehistoric Mammals

Originally Safari had a few mammals in the Carnegie Line these were discontinued when the Missing Links series came out.  Given the Safari experience with wild animals and farm animals this seems like a natural extension for the company.  There were no additions to the line and with the release of a Mammoth in Carnegie Line was discontinued.  There is also a rare Missing Links card board Panorama display.


MAMMUTHUS PRIMIGENIUS (woolly mammoth)   and baby
COELODONTA ANTIQUITAS (woolly rhinoceros)
SMILODON (saber tooth tiger)

Neanderthal man

Neanderthal woman, Neanderthal child

See the Prehistoric LifeToob for Neanderthals in same style.

Dinosaurs Of China  

Mamenchisaurus, Yangchuanosaurus and Therizinosaurus were created by Ellie Kish, artist in residence for the Tyrrell Museum in Alberta Canada.  They originally came with fossil display bases. Later sold without display.  Most of these figures were all in the 1/40 scale.


Unique and single releases    


Velociraptor Oviraptor nest 2008 Tyrannosaurus hatchling 2007 Oviraptor Egg Baby Louie Dino Egg Trilobite


Good Luck Mini's

Good Luck Mini

Good Luck Minis are an overlooked treasure. There is a tendency to concentrate on large figures but collectors know small figures often become the most sought after. The last quality mini figures are the Good Luck Minis by SafariLtd. There is a big range of farm, jungle, and marine minis but the five Prehistoric are what I like best. Brachiosaurus , Triceratops , Tyrannosaurus, Dimetrodon,and Stegosaurus so far make for a small set. The figures are in a Wild Safari style in a flexible vinyl. I would like to see an even dozen figures. There are one or two new figures a year so I have hopes for the future. The challenge is how to market small figures. Many companies have tried and given up. Traditionally sold in open bins as impulse buys, they are not popular with web stores. I think they should be packaged as a set and sold as sets. The other option is as game pieces.