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The AAA company is still producing new Dinosaur figures distributors must deal directly with the factory. A major EU supplier is Aimargin Co., Ltd. Figures are normally stamped with CE (China Enterprises) and the AAA logo. The latest are much improved.  ELC in England seems to be the main retailer for the figures.  Traditionally AAA is sold by a variety of distributors and importers like ELC or Battat.  While most of the figures fall into the medium range there was also a set of larger solid rubber figures.  The style like many figures from China is old fashioned when compared to Bullyland, Safari or Schleich figures but they are often well done.  Most figures have a AAA stamp on them. I have found some the baby egg set without the stamp and with a different paint schema.  These could be knock offs and are made of a solid pvc. Paint variants ar common and a Battat style paint for the T rex and Dilophosaurus has shown up. These products are very similar to UKRD figures aimed as low budget version of the museum lines.

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Large Figures Brachiosaurus AAA
AAA Large Figures:  The figures all were duplicated by the medium figures.  The Dromaeosaurus was marketed with lights as a Tarbosaurus.  The more recent large mammals appear to be hollow vinyl unlike the Large Dinosaurs figures that are solid and rather heavy. Not sure these are still being made. Large Brachiosaurus, medium Brachiosaurus, and eggs. All the large figures are the same design as there medium version. The medium also came in brown.


Dimetrodon  Dromaeosaurus Dromaeosaurus AAA Dromaeosaurus Triceratops Tyrannosaurus AAA
Dimetrodon Pteranodon Tyrannosaurus

Dromaeosaurus Triceratops Tyrannosaurus

There is a also a large Parasaurolophus and Stegosaurus.


Battat Colored T rex

Medium Size Figures:  There are a few errors in these reconstructions.  Allosaurus has only 2 fingers on each arm so it is a tyrannosaurid.  Tyrannosaurus had 3 figures on one hand and 2 on the other this appears to have been corrected in repainted version being sold now.  The Spinosaurus looks a lot like a DimetrodonPteranodon has a tail with an unlikely posture. ELC Figures:  I have only seen these figures for sale on the ELC site in England. Recently they have also begun showing up in Western Canada mixed with dinosaurs from other sets.  The above were smuggled out of England to us by our primary asset in the UK, Anthony Beeson.  With these figures AAA moves up a notch towards a museum style reconstruction.  Some of these figures like the feathered Gallimimus may already be out of production.  The Triceratops and Stegosaurus has been redone. Utahraptor is an odd figure lacking the raised toe claw. It looks like Zupaysaurus more than anything else. Styracosaurus looks more like Einosaurus. There may also be a Diplodocus. Colors often vary.


AAA Allosaurus
AAA brachiosaurus
AAA brachiosaurus
Brachiosaurus (rearing)
AAA Ceratosaurus
AAA Dimetrodon
AAA Dromaeosaurus
AAA Dilophosaurus
AAA Edmontonia
AAA Elasmosaurus
AAA Euoplocephalus
AAA Gallimimus
AAA Iguanodon
AAA parasaurlophus
AAA pteranodon
AAA Stegosaurus
AAA stegosaurus
AAA Spinosaurus
AAA Triceratops
AAA Tyrannosaurus
AAA Utahraptor

Small figures, babies and Eggs.

AAA dinosaur eggs   aaa baby dinosaurs   Small series AAA
Baby Dinosaurs in eggs. The eggs are done in the same style a the large and medium sizes.   Baby dinosaurs. Notice the Battat style paint.   Small series from ELC the paint is AAA style but there is no AAA stamp.

AAA dinosaur Paint set

The Paint A Dinosaur set:  This was made of 3 medium size figures.

Prehistoric Beasts

AAA has been releasing prehistoric mammals. There is a large and small Mammoth and Woolly Rhino. There is a Smilodon with a long tail. The Hyenadon and Entelodont look very much out of Walking with Prehistoric Beasts.

AAA prehistoric mammals   AAA mammals   Entelodont