Lesson Plans:

Dinosaurs and Dioramas

Dinosaurs of Laurasia

Dinosaurs of Gondwana

Ice Age, the mammoth Hunters


Diorama making

Figure Painting

Teraine CD

Dinosaur Mural


Dinosaur Safari Jr

Dinosaur Schlact

Survive O Saurus




update 030314


Over a period of several years we developed lessons plans for the Smithsonian Summer Camp program using the Gamification template developed by AL Gaspar for the Soldier and Diorama classes. The classes have 3 major activities: Diorama construction, figure painting and gaming. Gamification applies game design to make learning to make it more fun and engaging. Our lesson plans are centered on game-based learning, with the intent to make education more engaging and relevant to students. Our lesson plans make use of the Smithsonian Museum exhibits. Class sizes are 16 - 20 with 2 to 3 adult instructor and 2 - 4 high school aids (YTA).

Smithsonian Natural History Museum field trip lesson guide.

National Botanical Garden Field trip lesson guide.

We have modified and developed scenarios for commercially available board games, Role Playing Games (RPG's) and miniatures for campers to learn, make friends and have fun. Our games:

Saurian Safari

Dinosaur Safari a custom role-playing game based on Saurian Safari by HLBS.  Campers are hunters moving through a time and place in the Mesozoic performing with game setup by the moderator or Game Master (GM).

Dinosaurier Schlacht

Dinosaur Schlact a board game of dinosaur armies and learn about the main dinosaur families. 

Survive O saurus

Survive O Saurus a customized minatures game developed from the QRF game.  Campers play the dinosaur Coelphysis and have to survive the dry and wet seasons.


Trias a customized board game design to show Pangaea broke up and the dinosaurs spread.

Tirassic Terror

Triassic Terror is a board game that teaches the different environments, swamp, desert, forest and mountain of the Mesozoic.


Tusk the minatures game for mammoth Hunters on the Ice Age plains.

Prehistoric Settlement

Prehistoric Settlement a minatures game where you lead your stone age tribe.