South America in the

Early Cretaceous

Argentina in particular has been producing a lot of new dinosaur finds. These have been over shadowed by the spectacular finds in Asia in the public news. Aptian period, South American dinosaurs are poorly known. Part of Gondwanaland, giganotosaurs and carchardontosaurs fill the top predator slots in South America. Abelisaurs are the medium to smallish predators and titanosaur sauropods are the medium and large herbivore roles.   Diplodocids are now rare in the fossil record. There are spinosaurids from Brazil. Iguanodonts are the small herbivores.

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Rayososaurus was a large diplodocid sauropod closely related or the same as the African Rebbachisaurus with tall back vertebrae. It is the latest known dilodocoid, and the most complete South American sauropod. Remains have been found in South America and Africa.Rebbachisaurus CollectA

Agustinia is a large sauropod characterized by large dorsal plates. It is probably a diplodocid related to Rebbachisaurus rather than a titanosaur.Popular CollectA Agustinia.

A possible relative of the rebbachisaurids is the very strange sauropod Agustinia, which had a double row of plates and spines resembling those of Stegosaurus along its back. They may have been movable. No dinosaur like Agustinia has been found anywhere else in the world.

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