"The Great Dinosaurs"

For 2003 Safari released their first hollow Vinyl figures originally done by the same designers as the Wild Safari and retained the look..  The "Great Dinosaurs" the series is the biggest from Safari at around 17 inches. Great Dinosaurs were manufactured by Galaxy Toys and distributed by Safari LTD, the parent company for Carnegie Safari and Wild Safari.  There are six figures: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Pteranodon, Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus.  The series was a major change, as all the figures are done in hollow vinyl.  Since the designers were the same as the artists who are involved in early Wild Safari, the similarity is not surprising.  These are big figures, the largest about 15 inches long.  The Apatosaurus is on all fours but in the style of the original Wild Safari figures.  The Green Raptor is feathered and bears a strong family resemblance to the Tiger Stripped Raptor from the Dinos of China line.  The figures are lightweight and attractively priced.  Great Dinosaurs is a good choice for a preschool sand box or for a custom project.  These are among the best hollow vinyl toy figures I have seen. Only the much more expensive Kaiyodo figures are better.  When I do a custom buildup, I don’t want to risk an expensive collectable like my Kaiyodo figures.  The Raptor is just begging for a paint job to bring out the great detailing, especially the feathers for arms.  This broadened Safari’s customer base and set a new standard for toy hollow vinyl figures.  In 2005 the original figures colors changed. In 2006 added Spinosaurus and Therizinosaurus.


apatosaurus stegosaurus spinosaurus
pteranodon   triceratops
velociraptor therizinosaurus tyrannosaurus