Friedrich Schleich founded the company in 1935 in Germany.   The Schleich figurines first came to life in the 60ies. At that time it concentrated on the development, production and marketing of comic figurines. The company was purchased by HG investments in December 2006. The Schleich Philosophy devotes a special responsibility towards parents and children with the goal of be continuing to be a developer and supplier of top quality products with an educational aspect.  

DinoBoyz like Schliech.

Schleich established a recognizable style with their ReplicaSaurus reconstructions done in conjunction the Humboldt Museum. PT was treated to early access of the new 2012 release. The new figures are intermediate in size between the ReplicaSaurus and standard figures. Stegosaurus is a slightly reduced version of the discontinued museum figure. It has the same alternating double row of plates. The skin is patterned and shaded very much like the 2007 Humboldt. The design continuity, original reconstruction with high quality production, makes this just what a Schleich collector expects to buy from retailers. There are two new figures for 2013. update 012713

Schliech 2012 released a new line. The standard or Schliech Jr line remains in production. The Replicasaurus series and Prehistoric mammals are out of production. There were also a early sets that are collected. Use the Next button in the footer for details on the the different series.

Schliech Apatosaurus

The Schleich Apatosaurus has always been robust. The 2012 version is no exception. It is a convincing representation of Apatosaurus louisaethe largest of the species. The torso is deep reflecting the broad rib cage. The vertebrae are prominent, the tail is held above the ground swinging sideways. The nostrils are set high as is the traditional view in Europe, a Schleich trade mark. The figure is painted a tan color with a pattern of red high lights and patches. The skin is done in cross hatches. The front limbs have a single claw each, while the back legs have three claws. This is a smaller and brighter version of the retired 2009 ReplicaSaurus figure.

schleich Brachiosaurus Allosaurus

Brachiosaurus keeps the African reconstruction with short torso and longer front legs. The neck is held forward and swinging right. The legs are proportionally thinner than previous models. The skin texture is irregular with elephantine folds. The color is brown, broken with lighter stripes. The coloring and reconstruction is in the same style but the figure is modeled in a more active posture. The figure is much smaller than the retired 2009 Replicasasurus. The Allosaurus shows the Walking with Dinosaurs (WWD) influence of the 2008 ReplicaSaurus figure. While the original Schleich figure and the smaller standard look like the most common of species Allosaurus fragilis, in 2008 the figure changed to Allosaurus jimmadseni. The new figure recalls the reconstruction used in the spinoff WWD documentary Big Al. The big change other than the reduced size is the articulated jaw which is disguised by a patch.