UKRD 1991

The UKRD company provided a range of solid rubbery dinosaur figures ranging from gumball figures to 8 inch Museum style figures.  The figures are marketed in a variety of play sets by several companies and in many colors.   The figures are made in China for a variety of distributors and often packaged with figures like Jasman or PlayVision.  The figures are identifiable by the Stamp U.K.R.D. (this seems to have been discontinued after 1993), the date, made in China, dinosaur name, Alpha character and a production serial number. One possible reason for the lack of information about the UKRD makers, is the company name most likely was changed or the molds changed hands sometime after 1993. The company may have only been producing UKRD dinosaurs for four years.

Dinosaurs UKRD 91

The 1991 "Museum Line"  12 figures (the Pteranodon are Invicta) there is a degree of color variation seen in these figures but the pattern are consistent.  Vinyl knock offs are being sold.  These figures were often marketed in play sets mixed with the smaller 1993 series.  These are the most modern looking of the URKD line.  The Apatosaurus has a triangular shaped head like Diplodocus rather than the Brontosaurus/Camasaurus style head seen in the smaller series.  Edmontosaurus, Allosaurus and Ankylosaurus are well done.  The  Ankylosaurus uses the traditional reconstruction like the Marx figures.  This is the only UKRD group to have a Protoceratops. The smaller Hing Fat figures look like they were taken from ssame source.