UKRD 1992

UKRD are often sold in play set combinations that give a good size range of animals with the same look and feel.  Many of the figures mix nicely in Dioramas with pieces from Schleich, Bullyland and Safari.  Currently Toysmith is marketing the UKRD figures with brand new paint jobs.  AAA produces a similar set of figures along with several no name sets out of China. Also see Jasman, Hing Fat and Funrise for other sub museum sets. The mix of different figures allows a relative scale set to be created.

Dinosaur UKRD 92

The 1992 Boely 4 inch line first marketed exclusively by the Boley Company.   Unlike the other UKRD series there is little color variation.  The exception being raptor which was sold in brown and green. These are being sold by Toysmith now with new paint.


The 1992 figures are being marketed again in a boxed play set called Dinosaur Habitat with play mat, plants and rocks.  The Apatosaurus is based on some old Brontosaurus reconstruction with a Camarasaurus head unlike the 91 set.  This reconstruction is used by all the smaller sets.  It was the best Camarasasurus sold for several years.  The Allosaurus is particularly well done.   The Raptors show up in this set and it seems like they made an effort to actually look like real Velocirators rather the the JP characters.  



Apatosaurus (Camarasaurus),