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Blog and Updates for Dinosaur Collector

1/09/2015 Looks like a busy year with a big Schleich release and a new line by Ravensburgger. Nothing from Bullyland this year.

Updated Early Jurassic Antarctica

Updated Edmontonian North America

Updated Nemegt formation Asia

Update Cedar Creek North America

Update Late Eocene

12/20/15 PC crashed, was reformated by some who decided to fix my laptop performance lost Dream Weaver and Graphics software. Still learning new package.

Updated Carneige Safari and News page.  Last new addition to Carnegie but have some additional 1988 figures from Fred Synder to add.

12/2515 Updated Upper Dinosaur Park broke it into a new theropods and ceratopsid page.

01/03/16 Updated

    Morrison Camarasaurus

    CollectA Deluxe 

    CollectA Popular

 added Battat recast

I think I sorted out the Deluxe and Popular figures out. I want to add the release dates for all.  Then I think scale would be nice.  Finally the formating for the page is not consistant still learning to use KompoZer software.  



LATE TRIASSIC NORIAN AGE Western United States with a diorama from Wolfgang Heim previously published on Dinosaur Toy Forum.  

Cedar Mountain formation

Spinosaurus page

Apatosaurus page

Early Cretaceous South America

Early Cretaceous Iberia


Working on fixing the formating, grammer and links for the Late Cretaceous pages worked thru most of the North America.

Added some new Tyrannosaur pics to Tyrannosaur page

Debating creating a new feathered Tyrannosaur page with the new Safari Ltd release.

Updated South American Cretaceous Theropods

Getting complaints that png files not showing for some browsers.  Mostly older reference pages.

Smithsonian did an article sort of about us. I liked it.

Updated Judith River Horned dinosaurs with new pics.


New page Late Jurassic Solnhofen

Updated Liaoning page

10/2/15 new page  PNSO new company from China

12/13/16 updated Solenhofen